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Substantial Yield Suppression from SCN Seen in Soybean Varieties with Resistance from PI 88788 in 2021

November 11, 2021
The average yield and end-of-season SCN egg population density for soybean varieties with the PI 88788 source of SCN resistance in an experiment in Fruitland, Iowa in 2021.

The SCN-resistant Soybean Variety Trial Program at Iowa State University assesses the yield performance and SCN control provided by hundreds of SCN-resistant soybean varieties each year. Variety trial experiments are conducted annually in each of Iowa’s nine crop reporting districts. Harvest of the 2021 experiments was completed in late October, and processing of soil samples from the research plots to determine end-of-season SCN egg population densities is ongoing. The SCN data from one experiment, in Fruitland, Iowa, have become available. The results provide an eye-opening look at how much SCN reproduction occurred in 2021 as well as how control of SCN numbers can affect soybean yields.