Return Program Available for Certain Chlorpyrifos Products

May 11, 2023
ICM News

In late April, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorized product registrants, Corteva Agriscience and Adama US, to proceed with accepting return shipments of certain cancelled products containing the active ingredient, chlorpyrifos.

The EPA issued a Final Rule cancelling all food crop tolerances for chlorpyrifos effective February 28, 2022. Since that date, it has been illegal to use, sell, or distribute any chlorpyrifos products labeled only for use on food or feed crops. For additional background information refer to the ICM News article, “Updates on Chlorpyrifos Uses in 2022.” The final cancellation order for the products below follows a December 13, 2022 Notice of Receipt of Requests from ADAMA US, Corteva Agriscience, and Winfield Solutions, LLC.

Individuals or distributors with existing stocks of the products listed below should contact their distributor or retailer to line up returns to Corteva or Adama. Additional information can be found in the docket (EPA-HQ-OPP-2022-0223) or by contacting the registrants: Adama (866) 406-6262; or Corteva (800) 258-3033.

Corteva Products

Brand name

EPA Reg. No.

Lorsban 15G






Lorsban 50W in Water Soluble Packets


Dursban 4E-N


Lorsban 75WG


Dursban F Insecticidal Chemical


Dursban R Insecticidal Chemical




Lorsban Advanced


Cobalt Advanced



Adama products

Brand name

EPA Reg. No.

Chlorpyrifos 4E Ag




Pyrinex Chlorpyrifos Insecticide


What about other Chlorpyrifos products?

Registrants of chlorpyrifos products are working with EPA to either request registration amendments to remove food uses from their product labels or request a voluntary cancellation for products labeled only for use on food or feed crops. Notices of cancellations and amendments are published in the Federal Register.

As EPA issues cancellation orders addressing other chlorpyrifos registered products, those orders will also contain provisions for managing existing stocks of those products. Until then, individuals with existing stocks of chlorpyrifos products with no uses available should continue to store the product according to label directions.

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Elizabeth Danielson Extension Specialist

Betsy Danielson is an extension specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP).