Corn Acreage in Iowa & U.S.

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By Lori Abendroth and Roger Elmore

29 Jun 2007 -

The Crop Acreage Report, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture, was released on 29 June 07. This anticipated report was a follow-up to the Planting Intentions Report released 30 March 07.

Corn acreage was initially projected to increase across the U.S. by 15.5% relative to 2006 acreage. In the new report, acreage is 18.6% greater compared to 2006. Producers have planted a total of 92.9 million corn acres versus 78.3 million in 2006. This is the highest amount of corn acreage in the U.S. since 1944 (95.5 million acres of corn). 

Corn acreage is 3% greater than originally projected. Is this increase uniform across all states or do some show significant variation from this?

Iowa is right on cue, with 3% more acreage. Iowa will have 14.3 million acres of corn in 2007 compared to 12.6 million acres in 2006. The projected acreage was 13.9 million corn acres.

States that have lower acreage than projected are primarily in the western U.S. (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming) along with Maryland, North Dakota, and Vermont. Corn acreage for these states is relatively low though compared to major corn producing states; most have well below 500,000 acres. In general these states have more acreage compared to 2006, but less than originally projected. Of note are two states on the perimeter of the Corn Belt – Colorado and North Dakota. Colorado has 1.2 million acres which is 5% less than the projected 1.25 million, and North Dakota has 2.5 million acres which is 6% less than the projected 2.6 million.

States which have significantly more (10%+ over projected acreage) corn acreage are primarily southeastern (Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee) and east coast (Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey) states although California, Ohio, and Oregon are also included. Again, most of these states have 1 million acres or less. Ohio is the largest acreage base included in this category and will have 4.0 million acres of corn in 2007 which is 11% greater than originally projected. Ohio planted corn on 3.15 million acres in 2006.     

States not mentioned yet have acreage which is similar to or greater (0% to <10%) the projected acreage. Nearly all states in the Midwest and Corn Belt fall into this category.

States in the Midwest:

State 2007 Acreage Difference from 2006 (%) Difference from March projection (%)
IL 13.2 million +117% +3%
IN 6.6 million +120%


IA 14.3 million +113% +3%
KS 3.7 million +110% 0%
MI 2.5 million +114% 0%
MN 8.2 million +112% +4%
MO 3.5 million +130% +4%
NE 9.1 million +112% +1%
ND 2.5 million +148% -6%
OH 4.0 million +127% +11%
SD 5.0 million +111% +2%
WI 4.05 million +111% +1%

Iowa continues to have the largest landbase devoted to corn production, with 14.3 million acres in 2007; this is the most corn planted in Iowa since 1981 when 14.4 million acres were planted.

For links to the USDA-NASS report and other crop data, click here.

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