Hairy galinsoga

Encyclopedia Article

Hairy galinsoga             Galinsoga quadriradiata Cav.

Family:   Asteraceae (Composite family)
Life cycle:  Annual
Native status: Native to Mexico, introduced to U.S.
Habitat:    Gardens, vegetable production

General description:   Erect to spreading, much branched, stems reaching heights of 2 ft.  Leaves are triangular, deep veined, with toothed margin, lighter green on lower side.  Upper leaf surface and stems are very hairy.  Numerous flower heads with five white, 3-4 toothed ray flowers surrounding numerous yellow disc flowers.

Key ID characteristics:  Much branched plant with hairy stems and leaves.  White ray flowers with gap between individual flowers.

Similar species:  Smallflower galinsoga is very similar to hairy galinsoga, but the stems are smooth or sparsely hairy.

Miscellaneous:  Hairy galinsoga is also known as quickweed because of its rapid flowering and seed maturation.  Another name is shaggy soldier. It can have more than one generation in a growing season – spring germinating plants mature in early-summer and drop seed that can germinate and produce a second crop of hairy galinsoga plants.  This short life-cycle is ideally suited for many vegetable crops that also have short life-cycles.

triangular, dentate leaves on heavily branched stems
Hairy galinsoga has pubescent, triangular shaped leaves, plants have numerous braches forminga compact plant. Because it flowers so quickly it is uncommon to find non-flowering plants.

composite seedhead with yellow disc flowers and five white ray flowers
H. galinsoga produces a composite flower head with five white, notched ray flowers surrounding the yellow disc flowers.