Hairy vetch as a cover crop

Encyclopedia Article

Vicia villosa

Type: winter annual legume

Pros: good fit in weather destroyed crops or prevent plant acres; no allelopathic affect ahead of corn; possible N fixer; low water use; moderate potential to scavenge nutrients, suppress weeds, improve soil health, prevent erosion

Overwintering potential: with adequate fall establishment

Planting date: August through early September

Seeding depth: 0.25” to 1.0” – rainfall/soil moisture needed to get good establishment

Seeding rate: drilled = 10 – 15 pounds per acre; overseeded = 20 – 30 pounds per acre

Hairy vetch seedling. Photo Courtesy of M. Licht, Iowa State University. 

* based on typical use timing in a corn and soybean cropping system.

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