Still don’t think you need integrated weed management?

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The introduction of Roundup Ready® soybean more than a decade ago dramatically changed weed management systems across the Corn Belt. Glyphosate’s unparalleled effectiveness has allowed a simplification of weed management systems. Unfortunately, glyphosate resistant weeds are a result of these systems that rely heavily on glyphosate.

Integrated weed management (IWM) is more durable than the systems currently used on a high percentage of the acres due to continual exposure of weeds to different control tactics. IWM involves using herbicides with different modes of action and multiple application timings in the same season, and utilizing cultural practices that enhance the competitiveness of the crop.

The need to diversify weed management programs and protect the value of glyphosate became a consistent message of extension weed scientists soon after the adoption Roundup Ready® crops. To put a fresh spin on this message, we pooled our thoughts to come up with a light-hearted look at this serious issue.

Giant ragweed following glyphosate application.

Extension’s Top 10 reasons to diversify weed management:

10. Your crop can reach its full potential

9. Weeds won’t know what hit them

8. C'mon, even Monsanto's on board with this

7. Change is big right now

6. Your ag chem dealer will thank you

5. ‘Cause it’s mavericky, gosh darn it

4. It will reduce our dependence on Chinese glyphosate, swinging the trade balance in our favor

3. Go ahead and try to control lambsquarter post – do you feel lucky, punk?

2. I love the smell of Lumax in the morning – smells like victory1 

1. If you do, perhaps your Extension weed specialist will find something else to talk about

Glyphosate resistance in several important weeds continues to spread across the Midwest, and many of these weeds have resistance to other modes of action as well. Continuing to rely on the simplistic systems that dominate the region will result in further appearance and spread of herbicide resistance. IWM provides more consistent weed control, is more effective at protecting crop yields, and preserves the value of the herbicides that are essential in today’s production systems.

1Substitute your favorite preemergence herbicide for Lumax.

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