Sotirios V Archontoulis

Project Lead

Sotirios Archontoulis is an associate professor of integrated cropping systems at the Department of Agronomy. His research aims to predict impacts (e.g. climate change), explain causes (e.g. for high/low yields or nitrogen loss) and design future strategies to improve crop productivity and environmental sustainability across spatial and temporal scales. His approach combines field experimentation on soil-plant-atmospheric processes to fill knowledge gaps and use of agricultural systems process-based models to explain Genotype x Environment x Management interactions and enable prediction and design at scale.

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Area of Expertise: 
cropping systems modeling
+1 515 294 7413
1216 Agron

FACTS is an ongoing project developed to forecast and evaluate in real-time soil-crop dynamics at  specific ISU research fields (field scale) and at regional scale. Predictions will be frequently updated as new information becomes available. The project investigators and Iowa State University are not responsible for extrapolations made by individuals to other fields. Information from this website can be used for presentations without further permission if used in its entirety and credit is given to the Iowa State University FACTS project. Information from this website cannot be used in publications or other model improvement activities without prior permission of the project investigators.