An image of crop scouts walking through a soybean field.

Field Extension Education Lab Events 

Currently available:

Virtual Crop Scout School

The 2021 Virtual Crop Scout School is available now and is free to the general public. The scout school consists of 22 webinars from crop protection specialists at eleven Midwest Universities and is offered through the Crop Protection Network (CPN).

Upcoming Events:

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The Field Extension Education Lab’s primary goal is to educate all those involved with agricultural production in the state of Iowa, no matter the background or skill level. As Iowa’s only interactive demonstration lab, FEEL accomplishes this goal by hosting both public and private events for growers, certified crop advisors, agronomists and more agricultural personnel.

These events are held throughout the growing season, and are rooted in interaction and first-hand experience with crop production. To do this, FEEL hosts and supports Iowa State’s first-rate academics and field specialists to provide expert knowledge and guidance. Events are scheduled in small groups to ensure maximum one-one-one opportunities with patrons and experts, all within the confines of actual crop fields. These fields are purposefully planted and maintained with different issues that growers and agronomists may find in their fields.

Event itineraries and topics include but are not limited to: crop management, tillage, soil health, cover crops, fertility, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) — insect, disease and weed management — prairie restoration, pollinators and experimental crops. Nearly all FEEL events are eligible for continuing education credits with Iowa Certified Crop Advisors.

Events are scheduled on a season-by-season basis, often considering the challenges of farming in a particular year. Advance registration is offered on this web page when events are first scheduled.

Prior public events held at FEEL include: Crop Scout School, Field Diagnostic Clinic, Crop Management Clinic, Crop Scouting Competitions and Field Scouting Basics.