Andrew J Penney

Graduate Assistant-Research

Before returning to pursue my PhD I worked at a local cooperative for almost 10 years where I was an agronomist for 7 years. During my time as an agronomist at the coop I did field research/on-farm trials, managed the seed warehouse, operated the seed treater, and did general agronomy sales. As I progressed in my career I found myself wanting to learn more about seed, crop physiology, and plant pathology to help growers and other agronomists make better on-farm decisions. As I continue to learn and grow I look forward to working with other faculty, students, agronomists, and growers for many years to come.

Area of Expertise: 
Plant pathology
Seed Technology
B.S. Business MGMT. Iowa State University 2007
M.S. Seed Technology & Business Iowa State University, 2017
+1 515 294 1741
351 Bessey 2200 Osborn Dr