Upcoming Events


February 19: Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Short Course
An in-depth two-day course focused on understanding the principles of soils, soil fertility, and nutrient management for Iowa crop production.

March 12-13: Iowa Water Conference
The Iowa Water Conference is the largest outreach and collaboration effort of the Iowa Water Center and is designed to bring together multi-disciplinary organizations and institutions to discuss relevant water issues across Iowa.

March 30: Field Crop Scout School
This program has been designed for beginning crop scouts to ensure they are ready for success when they go to the field. Correctly identifying pests in the field is critical for selecting the correct tools to economically manage the issue. The course features sessions on corn and soybean growth and development, weed, disease and insect identification, along with scouting methods and techniques.

Agronomy in the Field For Women

The goals of this series are to strengthen agronomic skills for women that allow for better decision-making, provide a better understanding of inputs for crop production, see and understand different conservation practices and increase confidence in communication with their spouse, farming partner, ag retailer or tenant. Join the Agronomy in the Field Facebook group for information updates throughout the year

Statewide Winter Sessions: Five session will be offered by ZOOM the winter of 2018/2019.  For more information on these sessions please see Agronomy in the Field Meetings Will Continue across Iowa This Fall and Winter.  Any interested women landowners, farmers and service providers who would like to participate in upcoming sessions should contact Angie Rieck-Hinz, at 515-231-2830 or amrieck@iastate.edu; or Rebecca Vittetoe, at 319-653-4811 or rka8@iastate.edu, so access can be provided for web-conferencing and resource materials.

North Central Iowa: Field sessions for the 2019 growing season are being planned at or near the NIACC farm at Mason City. Please contact Angie Rieck-Hinz at amrieck@iastate.edu or 515-231-2830 for more information.

West Central Iowa: Field sessions for the 2019 growing season are being planned in Carroll County. Please contact Mike Witt at 641-430-2600 or witt@iastate.edu for more information.