Scouting for corn rootworm larvae

Today, with Ashley Dean and Angie Rieck-Hinz, I met Warren Pierson at FEEL to look for corn rootworm larvae. I predicted peak corn rootworm egg hatch for central Iowa this week based on accumulating degree days. We had no trouble finding larvae in refuge corn, ranging from ¼ to ½ inches in length. They were very active (wiggly) today. I came up with a few guidelines for corn rootworm scouting:

Field Scouting Basics Workshop Online

Last week, the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Crops Team held its Field Scouting Basics Workshop for those who will be scouting fields this growing season. For those that might have missed this day-long virtual seminar, we've uploaded the entire virtual workshop to the Iowa State IPM and Crops Team YouTube pages.

April 21, 2020 | Field Extension Education Lab VLOG

Check out our most recent Vlog from the Field Extension Education Lab (FEEL), where we discuss soil temperature, hypocotyls, radicles and cotyledons.

Guest starring in this episode is Meaghan Anderson, field agronomist in central Iowa and an extension field specialist at Iowa State. Anderson's areas of expertise include: cover crops, weed management and corn and soybean management.


Field Extension Education Lab VLOG

As we on the Iowa State Extension Crops Team have been adjusting our programming and schedules to ensure we're still able to provide quality resources throughout COVID-19, we'd like to introduce you to one new resource: The Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) Vlog series.

While we'd prefer to see all of you in person throughout the growing season and at trainings, we felt that this vlog series would be the next best thing. Plus, what a cool way to meet the personalities that regularly make appearances at FEEL and at field days throughout Iowa! 

We Need You! Iowa Moth Trapping Network Seeking Cooperators for 2020

Iowa State University’s IPM Team has monitored field crop pests for a long time. The pests have changed over the years, but our goal is the same: to help inform farmers about pest activity in Iowa. Our moth trapping efforts target migratory moths. Black cutworm monitoring is a long-standing project in Iowa, but we included true armyworm in the trapping network in 2017. Since timing of arrival is variable between growing seasons, trapping these pests helps us predict when injury will occur.

Morel and Oyster Mushroom Certification Workshop

Do you hunt and sell morel mushrooms? Then you need certification! Workshops are offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in the spring. Certification is valid for 3 years. For workshop information, visit the certification page

Crop Advantage Series January 2020 (with field agronomist Meaghan Anderson)

In this video field agronomist Meaghan Anderson (Iowa State University) discusses the upcoming Crop Advantage Series with local farmer Erik Wibholm from Stratford, Iowa.

Crop Advantage Series January 2020 (with entomologist Erin Hodgson) In this video entomologist Erin Hodgson (Iowa State University) discusses the upcoming Crop Advantage Series.

Crop Advantage Series January 2020


Registration for the 2020 AgOvation program will open on Jan 1. For more information, contact Maya Hayslett, Youth should contact their local county extension office if they are interested in participating. What is AgOvation? AgOvation is a research-based competition that challenges youth to explore and develop innovative science-based solutions to agricultural problems that they identify in their own communities.