Sporecaster - Predicting white mold in soybean

Sporecaster is a new smartphone application designed to help farmers predict the need for a fungicide application to control white mold in soybean. The app, which is free to use, was developed with support from the Wisconsin Soybean Association and Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board. It was programmed by personnel in the UW-Madison Nutrient and Pest Management Program. In this video Iowa State University Plant Pathology graduate student Andrew Penney discusses using the Sporecaster app.

Scouting Field Basics Workshop

Contact the Field Extension and Education Laboratory Coordinator at for questions about field lab programs. BOONE, Iowa – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is offering a Field Scouting Basics Workshop on May 16 at the Field Extension Education Lab, near Boone, Iowa.

Crops for Kids: How do crops grow?

Maya Hayslett discusses how plants grow in this Crops for Kids video.

Crops for Kids: What is a seed?

It starts with a seed.  Maya Hayslett discusses seeds in this video.

Influence of Drainage on Soybean Seedling Health

Gang Han discusses some of his research at Iowa State University specifically on field drainage and it's influence on soybean seedling health.

Moth trapping network expands in 2018

The IPM team at Iowa State University has been monitoring for field crop pests for a long time. The target pests have changed over the years, but the goal always remains the same: help inform farmers about pest activity in Iowa. One long-standing project is monitoring for black cutworm, an erratic field crop pest. In 2017, we also included true armyworm as part of the trapping network. We use adult trap captures to estimate feeding injury in field crops.