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While I don't have a bucket list of weeds, it's always nice to find a new one. Today I had my first encounter with blue mustard (Chorispora tenella). Like all mustards, this plant has four petals, but the petals of blue mustard are pink to purple in color and very narrow, relative to their length.

A lot of soybean planting progress was made across the state this past week, as farmers tried to get ahead of this week's daily rain forecast. Most corn planting has been completed in Iowa, with 75% already emerged, according to the May 23 USDA Crop Progress Report. Replanting is likely in areas of northwest, southwest, and west central regions from the excessive wet conditions this spring. Central and north central Iowa saw some frost injury across the regions last week, as a result of last weekend's low temperatures. Seedling diseases have been reported in southeast and east central Iowa over the past week, along with planter adjustment issues. Read more about your region from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach field agronomists, as they report planting progress and field conditions below.

Several corn fields in southeast Iowa are having disease issues this spring. After visiting with several ag retailers and farmers, I had Alison Robertson and Tom Kaspar, a plant physiologist with the USDA-ARS, out yesterday to look at some fields with issues. When we put all the pieces together, we have to try to decide whether pathogens, such as Pythium, started the problem, whether they just took advantage of another problem, or whether it was a combination of issues.