Drought Resources


Drought and precipitation monitoring resources

Iowa Environmental Mesonet - Monthly Precipitation Report
US Drought Monitor Map for Iowa (Released every Thursday)

General weather and crop considerations

Influence of drought on corn and soybean - July 2012, Licht/Archontoulis
Heat effects on corn and soybean crops - July 2017, Licht/Archontoulis
Soybean potential in drought conditions - July 2012, Lenssen
Dry conditions causing spider mite issues throughout Iowa - August 2022, Dean/Hodgson
Drought stress promotes spider mite injury - July 2017, Hodgson
Plant Tissue Testing may be Useful this Season but be Aware of Potential Drought effects on the Results - June 2023, Mallarino
Dry Weather Thoughts - June 2023, Saeugling

Harvest, storage and alternative forage considerations

Combine settings for drought - August 2012, Hanna
Management tips for drought-stressed forages - September 2012, Barnhart
Take precautions when feeding drought-damaged corn as silage - July 2012, Ensley
Alternative for drought-damaged soybeans – bean crop or forage - July 2012, Barnhart/Lenssen
Crop Quality Issues from the Drought of 2012 - August 2012, Hurburgh/Robertson/Hardy
Dry Silage Considerations - August 2020, Saeugling

Crop insurance considerations

Insurance coverage for drought-damaged crops August 2020, Edwards
Crop insurance coverage-frequently asked questions
Ag Decision Maker Crop and Livestock Market Outlook
Special Rule for Taxing Crop Insurance and Disaster Payments - June 2019, Tidgren

Fall field management considerations

Seeding cover crops in dry conditions - August 2017, Rieck-Hinz/Anderson
Dry fall conditions can lead to field fires - Sawyer
Phosphorus and potassium in silage harvest of drought-damaged corn - July 2017,  Sawyer/Mallarino
Phosphorus, potassium and pH management issues following drought-damaged crops - August 2012, Mallarino/Sawyer
Nitrogen considerations with dry conditions in 2017 - August 2017, Sawyer/Mallarino
Soil profile nitrate in corn fields following the 2012 drought - February 2013, Sawyer
How drought affects soil health - August 2017, Al-Kaisi
Managing soils under dry conditions - Al-Kaisi
Water Quality Impacts of Cover Crop Following a Drought - September 2020, Helmers/Dougherty/Waring