Drought Resources


General weather and crop considerations

Influence of drought on corn and soybean 21 July 2012, Licht/Archontoulis
Heat effects on corn and soybean crops 20 July 2017, Licht/Archontoulis
What impact will the heat and dry weather have on pollination 2020? 8 July 2020, Licht/Archontoulis
Soybean potential in drought conditions 20 July 2012, Lenssen
Scouting reminders for spider mites 20 July 2020, Hodgson
Drought stress promotes spider mite injury 21 July 2017, Hodgson

Harvest, storage and alternative forage considerations

Combine settings for drought 9 August 2012, Hanna
Management tips for drought-stressed forages 28 Sept 2012, Barnhart
Take precautions when feeding drought-damaged corn as silage 24 July 2012, Ensley
Alternative for drought-damaged soybeans – bean crop or forage 10 July 2012, Barnhart/Lenssen
Crop Quality Issues from the Drought of 2012 27 August 2012, Hurburgh/Robertson/Hardy
Dry Silage Considerations 25 August 2020, Saeugling
Drought and Derecho Increase Mycotoxin Risk in 2020 Iowa Corn Crop-Scouting and Monitoring Fields - Bowers/Hurburgh/Robertson, Sep 2020
2020 Drought and Derecho Impacted Corn-Harvest, Mycotoxin Testing and Storage - Bowers/Hurburgh/Robertson, Sep 2020

Crop insurance considerations

Insurance coverage for drought-damaged crops 13 July 2012, Edwards

Fall field management considerations

Seeding cover crops in dry conditions 10 Aug 2017, Rieck-Hinz/Anderson
Dry fall conditions can lead to field fires Sawyer
Phosphorus and potassium in silage harvest of drought-damaged corn 21 July 2017,  Sawyer/Mallarino
Phosphorus, potassium and pH management issues following drought-damaged crops 23 August 2012, Mallarino/Sawyer
Nitrogen considerations with dry conditions in 2017 28 August 2017, Sawyer/Mallarino
Soil profile nitrate in corn fields following the 2012 drought 21 Feb 2013, Sawyer
How drought affects soil health 23 Aug 2017, Al-Kaisi
Managing soils under dry conditions Al-Kaisi
Water Quality Impacts of Cover Crop Following a Drought Sep 2020, Helmers/Dougherty/Waring