Mahdi Al-Kaisi photo
Professor of Soil Management/ Environment, Extension Soil and Water Specialist
Soil management, Tillage, Crop rotation
Dan Anderson
Assistant Professor
Engineering, Manure Applicator Certification (MAC)
Associate Professor of Integrated Cropping Systems
Cropping systems, Modeling, Decision support tools
Associate Scientist, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Management of safety and quality issues in bulk grains and feed
Kathleen Delate photo
Professor, Extension Organic Specialist
Organic agriculture, Agronomy
Bob Hartzler image
Professor of Agronomy, Extension Weed Specialist
Weed management
Emily Heaton, biomass crop agronomy
Associate Professor of Agronomy, Extension Biomass Crop Specialist
Biomass, Grass crops, Perennial crop management
Matthew Helmers photo
Dean's Professor in the College of Ag and Life Sciences , Professor in the Department of Ag and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural water management, Drainage, Engineering
Photo of Erin Hodgson
Professor, Extension Entomologist Specialist , ANR Crops Team Leader
Crop protection, Insects, Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Charles Hurburgh photo
Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Grain handling and processing
Associate Professor, Extension Weed Specialist
Weed Biology and Ecology, Herbicide Resistance, IWM Technologies
Mark Licht
Assistant Professor, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist
Cropping systems, Cover crops, Corn and soybean management
Antonio Mallarino
Professor of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management, Extension Specialist
Soil fertility, Nutrient management
Daren Mueller
Associate Professor, Extension Plant Pathologist
Soybean diseases, Plant pathology, Crop protection
Alison Robertson photo
Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Extension Field Crops Pathologist
Plant pathology, Corn diseases, Crop protection
John Sawyer photo
Professor, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Extension Specialist
Soil fertility, Nutrient management
Greg Tylka photo
Morrill Professor, Nematologist, Director of the Iowa Soybean Research Center
Plant nematology, Soybean diseases


Meaghan Anderson
Field Agronomist in Central Iowa, Extension Field Specialist II
Cover crops, Weed management, Corn and soybean management
Terry Basol
Field Agronomist in NC Iowa, Field Specialist II
Crop management, Agronomy
Jamie Benning photo
Water Quality Program Manager I
Water quality
Program Coordinator in Ag Technology
Ag Machinery & Technology
randall cass photo.
Extension Entomologist, Honey Bees and Native Bees
Honey bees, Native bees, and Pollinators
Assistant Scientist I
Crop Production & Physiology
Communications Specialist II
Betsy Danielson
Extension Program Specialist III
Pesticide safety education
Education Extension Specialist I
Insects, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Agronomy
Joel DeJong
Field Agronomist in NW Iowa, Field Specialist IV, ANR Crops Team Co-Leader
Crop management, Agronomy
Headshot of Maya Hayslett
Extension Program Specialist III
Youth Education, Crop Sciences
Laura Jesse Iles
Director, Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic, Co-Director, North Central IPM Center
Insects, Diagnostics, Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Paul Kassel
Field Agronomist in NW Iowa, Field Specialist IV
Crop management, Crop protection, Agronomy
Clarke McGrath photo
On-Farm Research and Extension Coordinator/ Agronomist in SW and WC Iowa, Iowa Soybean Research Center
Crop management, Crop protection, Agronomy
joshua michel headshot
Field Agronomist in SE Iowa
Crop management
Coordinator of the Field Extension Education Lab (FEEL), Extension Program Specialist II
Crop management, Event management
Angie Rieck-Hinz Headshot
Field Agronomist in NC Iowa, Extension Program Specialist IV
Photo of Lina Rodriguez Salamanca
Plant Pathology Diagnostician
Plant pathology, Diagnostics, Mycology
Aaron Saeugling
Field Agronomist in SW Iowa, Field Specialist IV
Crop management, Agronomy
Virgil Schmitt
Field Agronomist in SE Iowa, Field Specialist III
Agronomy, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Crop management
Extension Specialist
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Insects, Plant pathology
Rebecca Vittetoe
Field Agronomist in EC Iowa, Extension Field Specilaist II
Agronomy, Crop management
Michael Witt
Field Agronomist in WC Iowa, Field Specialist II
Agronomy, Crop management
Edward Zaworski
Plant Pathology Diagnostician, Extension Program Specialist II
Plant pathology