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Extension entomologists, plant pathologists, and weed specialists work to improve understanding of pest resistance in Iowa field crops, and increase the adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) tactics to reduce or delay pest resistance. The team strives to increase the level of awareness and understanding of pest and weed resistance in Iowa, and educate farmers on identification and management strategies to improve yield and profits in field crops.

Extension specialists interact with producers throughout the year at several events, including the annual Integrated Crop Management conference, Crop Advantage Series, Weeds Week, and field crop scouting clinics at the Field Extension Education Laboratory. Annual weed and insect publications are produced to help farmers make the best management decisions for their farming operations. Field guides, scouting cards, and other publications on disease management are regularly published and updated for weed, insect, and disease identification purposes. The Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnosis of plant problems such as plant disease, insect damage, assessment of herbicide damage, and the identification of weeds and insects from the field. 

Field Specialists

Field Agronomist in EC Iowa
(319) 337-2145
Field Agronomist in NC Iowa
(641) 426-6801
Field Agronomist in NW Iowa
(712) 546-7835
Field Agronomist in NW Iowa
(712) 262-2264
Field Agronomist in NE Iowa
Office (563) 382-2949 Cell (563) 387-7058
Field Agronomist in NC Iowa
(515) 231-2830
Field Agronomist in SW Iowa
(712) 769-2650
Field Agronomist in SE Iowa
(563) 263-5701
Field Agronomist in SC Iowa
(319) 653-4811
Field Agronomist in WC Iowa
(641) 430-2600

Pests Campus Specialists

Extension Program Specialist III
(515) 294-7293
Extension Entomologist, Honey Bees and Native Bees
+1 515 294 5967
Professor of Agronomy, Extension Weed Specialist
(515) 294-1164
Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist Specialist , ANR Crops Team Leader
(515) 294-2847
Insect Diagnostician, Extension Program Specialist IV
(515) 294-0581
Associate Professor, Extension Plant Pathologist
Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Extension Field Crops Pathologist
(515) 294-6708
PSEP Program Manager I
(515) 294-4286
Professor, Nematologist, Director of the Iowa Soybean Research Center
Plant Pathology Diagnostician, Extension Program Specialist II
(515) 294-0581