Daniel Andersen

Assistant Professor
Dan Anderson

Dr. Anderson's research interests are in the areas of manure management and water quality, which involve: mature treatment and utilization, nutrient management planning, field and farm scale soil and water quality monitoring and modeling, and economic evaluation of agricultural practice alternatives. His extension program specifically focuses on manure treatment, management, and utilization.

The goal of Dr. Anderson's research and extension work at Iowa State University is to improve soil, water, and air quality by promoting the development and implementation of agricultural manure management systems that are environmentally sustainable, economically feasible, and socially acceptable through the use of extension programming, state-wide training, and a mix of fundamental and applied research.


Area of Expertise: 
Manure Applicator Certification (MAC)
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Platteville, 2006
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University, 2008
Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University, 2012
(515) 294-4210
3348 Elings Hall