Prashant Jha

Associate Professor
Extension Weed Specialist

My research program is focused on improved understanding of weed biology and ecology to develop effective, integrated weed management strategies in corn and soybean production systems of Iowa and Midwest, optimization and stewardship of herbicide application technology and herbicide use, and understanding the evolution of herbicide resistance including genetic/molecular and physiological mechanisms, and other factors influencing weed population dynamics and management in agroecosystems. This includes emphasis on late-season weed seed bank management and reducing weed seed inputs at harvest. My research interest also includes UAV and ground-based hyperspectral imaging of weed species in-crop for developing weed maps and for early detection of herbicide-resistant weed biotypes in the field. My statewide extension and outreach program is focused on current and emerging weed problems in Iowa and providing research-based information to growers on cost-effective, multi-tactic approaches for prevention and mitigation of herbicide-resistant weeds in agronomic crop production systems. I serve as the herbicide evaluation and demonstration program leader, with the ultimate aim to develop cost-effective and sustainable weed control recommendations for corn and soybean producers in Iowa. My programming supports extension, agribusiness, governmental agency programs, and other educational needs throughout Iowa

Area of Expertise: 
Weed science
Weed Biology and Ecology
Herbicide Resistance
B.S., Agriculture, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, India 2001
M.S., Agronomy (Weed Science), CCS Haryana Agricultural University, India 2003
Ph.D. Plant and Environmental Science (Weed Science), Clemson University, SC, USA, 2008
+1 515 294 7028
3212 Agronomy Hall 716 Farm House Ln