Storm Damage Resources


Safety and Well-Being

Iowa Concern Hotline - 1-800-447-1985
Manage the Additional Stress following the Derecho - Brown, Aug 2020

Disease and Insect Management

Fungicide Use on Storm Damaged Soybean - Mueller/Robertson, Aug 2020

Grain Storage and Quality

Assessing Grain Bin Damage - Shouse/Maier, Aug 2020
Harvest and Storage of Weather-damaged Corn for Silage - Dougherty, Aug 2020
Drought and Derecho Video Podcast - Hurburgh/Poorman, Aug 2020
Grain Bin Repair Companies - Ag Engineering Specialist, Aug 2020
Iowa Mycotoxin Risk Video Podcast - Bowers/Poorman, Aug 2020
Silo or Grain Bags Video Podcast - Maier/Poorman, Aug 2020
Sampling Downed Corn for Damage - Arora/Hurburgh, Sep 2020
Drought and Derecho Increase Mycotoxin Risk in 2020 Iowa Corn Crop-Scouting and Monitoring Fields - Bowers/Hurburgh/Robertson, Sep 2020
2020 Drought and Derecho Impacted Corn-Harvest, Mycotoxin Testing and Storage - Bowers/Hurburgh/Robertson, Sep 2020

VIDEO: Grain Storage and Corn Quality - Johnson/Hurburgh, Sep 2020

Evaluating Crop Damage

Small Farms Sustainability Podcast: Crop Damage Due to the Iowa Derecho - Hartsook/Anderson, Aug 2020
Scouting Crop Damage - Darr/Bergman, Aug 2020
Expectations for Lodged Corn - DeJong/Licht/Anderson, Aug 2020
Lodging: mid- to late-season - 2014

VIDEO: Assessing the Different Types of Corn Injury from the Midwest Derecho - Anderson, Sep 2020

Nutrients and Fertility

Wind Damaged Corn – Nutrient Content? - Sawyer/Mallarino, Aug 2020
Biological Breakdown of Wind Destroyed Corn - Sawyer, Aug 2020
Fall 2020 Nitrogen Considerations - Sawyer, Sep 2020

Silage Options

Silage Harvest of Drought-Stressed and Severely Lodged Corn - Lang, Aug 2020
Harvest and Storage of Weather-damaged Corn for Silage - Dougherty, Aug 2020

Harvest Considerations

Combine Gathering Attachments for Lodged Corn - Shouse, Sep 2020
Grain Quality Considerations After Derecho and Drought - Hurburgh, Aug 2020
Corn Quality Problems Could Mean Opportunity for Cattle Producers - Loy/Dahlke, Aug 2020
Practical Strategies for Managing Mycotoxins at Harvest - Bowers, Aug 2020
Combine Adjustments for Harvesting Lodged Corn - Bergman/Saeugling/Shouse/TeBockhurst/Hanna, Aug 2020
Harvesting lodged corn - Hanna, Sep 2006

Cover Crop Options

Cover Crop Options to Consider for Damaged Crops this Fall - Henderson/Licht, Aug 2020

Crop Insurance Considerations

Practical Guidelines to File Crop Insurance Losses Due to the Derecho - Plastina, Aug 2020
Crop insurance coverage-frequently asked questions - Johanns, Aug 2020

Corn Residue Management

Grazing wind-damaged, down corn - Euken/Schwab/Clark, Aug 2020
Corn Residue Breakdown as Affected by Tillage and N Application - Al-Kaisi, Nov 2019
Fall Management Options for Corn Fields That Are Unharvestable - Michel/Licht, Aug 2020
VIDEO: Tillage Options for Unharvestable Corn - Darr, Sep 2020

Volunteer Corn Management

Management of Volunteer Corn in Fields Affected from Derecho - Jha/Hartzler/Anderson, Sep 2020
VIDEO: Management of Volunteer Corn - Anderson/Hartzler, Sep 2020
How much corn seed has germinated in Derecho damaged fields? - Hartzler/Anderson, Oct 2020

Additional Resources

USDA Risk Management Agency – Derecho FAQ
Wind and Corn (2011 Derecho in the Midwest) - Elmore, Jul 2011
Tax Considerations for Derecho Damage